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While we pay and enjoy mouthwatering delicious food in restaurants, food joints or at any functions. We at the same time don’t bother about the food that has been trashed at the end of the day. We Indians waste so much food that it is now worth a whooping Rs. 58,000 Crore.

FAGHMore than 795 Million people in the world remains hungry where India stands top in the list with 195 million people and nearly 21,000 people die every day due to hunger. 42% of Indian Children in India suffer from various diseases due to malnutrition. The food we waste in a day might be sufficient enough to serve a needy family for a day.


We at FoodWoop believes that “Charity begins at home”. Since we tied up with the restaurants in the city we can help in distributing the unused food at the end of the day and build the bridge that would make a difference. Even you can also tell us to our community that you have food left at your home and we will collect and distribute it.


The happiness and satisfaction is eternal  when you will know that you are the  reason for bringing smile to their face and sleep with full tummy. 

For achieving this we need volunteers and members, we are inviting the same.

Please drop us the basic details in any of the following to join the cause.

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